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"Back in the Dark Ages, of some of the prosecuted of the numerous Inquisition's, could one be burnt @ the stake, for 'talking to angels, without wings'''

Like most people, I really love, And, I just want to show you, some "excellent finds"! All links are "set, in a certain way, so you may get it". This is an Interactive Photoblog. So manipulation, can be a tendency.  

And feel free, to copy, any links you see here.."As long, as it's for non-commercial reasons"! 

Take your time, after selecting. Many of the links, are full of surprises. As there can be multiple sightings, within each 360 image! Some links, are repeated, because of multiple sightings, as well. 

Many sightings discovered, "when the photographer wasn't even looking at them"! All, one of a kind.

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It may be better, if reading "some of, what's after the list", (you can find it at the end of the list @ "Start Here,") & then, when you have the t i m e, start over from the top. You'll have a better idea, of what this, is all about! The choice is yours.

If you'd like some music to listen to, there's some Piano. & "Create your own multidimensional background, with soothing nature sounds." And here's some flute with even more versions to layer, but please "don't fall asleep"! Please use scroll wheel, when selecting & the music will stay with you!

"When the full Moon, mimics the Sun, we will see our relatives". (An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy)

When viewing most links, with a right click "you can make a hollow planet"! All links, are set to the subject matter. "Zoom back, to see the big picture". Thank you..... 

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Tribute to M.C. Escher

How about, a full moon, mimicing, the sun?
Then, here's another one.
And even more!
"We, aren't a l o n e''?
C-gar Ships, everywhere!
It's getting crowded!
What's he looking at?
          Why are they like that? ( *  *  * )
       Same from below the tower!
Here's some by the con,trails!
Here's some, over the field..
Here's some in a geometric pattern!
"Ancient collapsing grid system"?
Here's more like this, in Amsterdam.
Here's another, like that..!
And, here's another one.
Move right/left. Olde grid?
Over the mountains!
Here's some in the clouds.
One & a bird?
One along sidewalk.
          What's next, to it? 
         Can you find more?
They're from Mumbai.
In the dead of night.
Nearest the dawn..? 
Well after, daybreak.
They look friendly!
In the gray matter?
Never seen a 'gray lens flare'.
Here's another one, in 3's.
Almost, 'caught a Big 1'!
Looks like an Egg.
This one, too?
Here's some!
& 3 more...
From India...
Just a dirty lens?
Some by the Falls!
Here's one between.
100's of rods & a portal. 
Here's one, miles away!
And, another one?
What the heck, is This?
          Here's another. There's 2. 
Is this, the 12th world?
All, for a new grid?
And these too?

Here's another bright one!
One atop a sacred mountain?

To right, for miles, discarnates?

"She's a little gray, in that area"!
Yet these ones, are 'of the light'?
They can be found, everywhere!
One, on his shoulder?
Inter. Dimensionals, buy bicycles?
But, why so far away, to see dust?
And one by the house...
Yes, I'd love to know too!
Here's one, nearby.
Several by the lighthouse.
More cousin's, in the skies?
Here's one, in some clouds.
And even more, by these roof's.
Maybe they went to, "The Patent Office"?
Wow, "WHO, built this one"!
More visitors, from afar?
Could be one here, from beyond!
A reflection in the lake, so it must be real?
They Live, "in the clouds"!                                                                                  A pyramidical?                                                                          A cylinder ?                                                                          Here's a couple, in the clouds!                                              This, might be another?                                                         3 of the same ?                                                                  Ones, almost here.                                                                               A 'one of a kind'!                                                               There's more to the eye. 
Maybe a triangle ?
What's causing the shadow?
Shadows do, reveal....!
Look for, straight lines..
Especially with these!
One over Guilin..?
An outline, of even more?
Someone, from the clouds? 
Is this, a squarish cloud?
Well, here's another one!
And two more?
Another one?
          And one of the dark?                                                                    There's all kinds!
And all sizes. Remember?
They were there, watching!
Everyone loves good music!
An angel. Took the photo?
We grew up with them, in the 3rd?
          Cigarship @ 12:00!! 
       More missing relatives?
      Underwater Orbs?
       1 by power lines. Zoom back!
         See one? There's 2..
          Only 1. Zoom back for none!
          Maybe, it's re-cloaking?
         May be, "they lived here once"?
        Re-fueling via radio waves?
        They have landed! 1st Contact?!?
         From  anOther Dimension?
        STILL, 'got that smile'!
     Something miles away.
       And above the clouds....
       And below them too!
       Still others, by the falls?
      Is this, a 'rod' too?



           All we are is dust in the wind?

Even earth has one.
And, we do too!
More about, "extra dimensionals".
They knew about'em, way back when?

      Recognize, this one? Zoom back 

         OUT, with the Old;
        And IN, with the New!
        And Even More, about This;
          From a pioneer....
And some great videos, about all this.
Even He, "Always knew we are NOT, as dust"! 
          Could YOU, "hold one of these, in your palm"? 
        Want to walk on water? Then, you'll need a light body!
       After 'death', we ARE those unidentified flying objects! Here's one in the body.

          When, "ascension isn't possible, due too  dark matter in aura''.
      Sometimes 'dark matter in aura' even shows up in photo's!
         What's left of us, in the after life. And, "what some discarnate's look like". 
       "Not all souls, go to Heaven"! Here's a few of'em.
        Want to SEE, "what a dark spirit looks like"? There's several here.

  Here are some spirits, both near the ground and in the clouds. They "look like little clouds", and are not 'flat reflections off a solid micro surface' as some orbs are. The photographers are correct, when describing  these phenomena. Yet spirit orbs, 'only appear as little clouds of a grayish shade'. When they are near the  ground and with a green background, they are light gray. When they are in the clouds, they are a dark gray.  Look around in this image, as there's a lot of them, both in the clouds, and near the stones and the ground....

On this Photoblog, there are Mostly 'Spirit Orbs' featured. They come in shades from jet black, to charcoal gray, to gray, medium gray, light gray, grayish white, white, and shiny bright white. 

What you see, are their "etheric bodies". This is also known as our auras. All creatures have auras, as they are souled. The etheric body, is the only body next to the material body, that can be seen via digital photographic equipment, IF, "what below happens" with your camera...

(WATCH OUT, for the hidden links below!)

From what I've found, by just asking & looking around, that the reason why, certain anomalies are showing up on photo's, is because of the "coating on the lenses".                     
 It's put on the lense, @ a certain thickness/standard. And, when the ambient light overwhelms this standard. Things, "only the camera, see's, show through"!  As it's all inside the camera. that makes the difference.Recording with 'Near Infra-red' is the same, having to watch it after it's recorded. Here's some & a 'flying roll @ 3:33 mark'!
Like a photograph, "It must be SEEN, but only after it's received 'by the camera'". Although there are others that allow the "camera user to see what the camera see's". And look what I just found, an E-Z way to a Night Vision Webcam! With a little patience, you might find 'Spirit Orbs', the very 1st night! (Just be sure it's a cheap webcam.)
          Also, here's an excellent article about it all! 

      Take a cell phone, that has a camera & then take a t.v. remote. Turn on the camera, & point the remote towards the camera, while pushing a button on the remote A white light, should show on the phones screen. "As only the camera see's this, while we can not." Try it, it works!
The images I have here, are from situations where the photographer, either wasn't using filters, to block the i.r./u.v. light, & actual visual sightings @ our spectral wavelength. I feel this is because of a much brighter light, as it overwhelms the cameras lense, "with an all around & brighter light."
 This being for similar results for the 100's of millions of digital cameras, webcams, camcorders, & cctv,used the world over & thereby revealing extra dimensional's! Of course, many do, have filters, as well. "Use the right filter, & you'd never know, 'Just Who', is looking back"'! While all the world, might "never quite know, they even existed, or there was any one even over there''.... 

Yes, I'm well aware, that every one is only "following the rules set before them". While most 'orbs', are nothing but "mere reflections off a solid micro surface", &  without any real substance to offer. And "all moving at the slightest draft, in unison", like dust off the mantlepiece, without a 'mind of their own'.  Some, are dust particles. And some,'have been proven to not to be....'

There are of course, near infra-red & ultra-violet sensitive cameras, 
that are widely in use, as well as night vision camera's also. Along with many night-vision goggles.

As most of'em, are "just on the other side, of the rainbow" & beyond the ultra-violet.......+ And IF, you want to know about "the containers, some of these extra-dimensionals need, to be here", 
Then visit this place.
Or, this place.
Or, this place.
Or, this place.
Or, this place.
Or, this place.                                                                                                                                  Or, even this place! 
What I have to offer, I can only show you. I have them as a selection, to see "what's going on on the otherside of the veil & while it's lifting".  
Now, I'm sure, that there's many professional photographers, along with their friends & families, that will tell me that "it's all just specks of dust, pollen, water molecules, ect". And, we've all seen'em many times, & heard it since birth! 
(Some are dust particles, & some are not. O.K.?) Yet why doesn't the 'dust' show up, after I just use the flash, without looking through the camera lens"? Or, "is it dust, when it moves by the slightest breeze, & not by it's own accord", as 'Spirit Orbs' do...
(Watch dust/pollen, stay in a geometric pattern, in a slight breeze, with it's reflection, in the lake! ) 
SEE, credible videos of moving 'dust/pollen,' with a mind of their own! 
Some are, & some are not, as even these here can testify, that many a high altitude jet, has been 'followed by the dark blue, black & white ones', showing up all over the world, & on a daily basis. What's offered here, "is some really serious stuff", & makes for great stock photo's!
There's a difference, between dust particles & spiritual entities.It's called "self senscients". It's when the particle, will 'go around an object &/or not settle on it by gravity', or all move by an updraft.As with a dust particle,  The videos I offer, usually have a balloon or candle, to 'show no drafts/wind'. And where the entities shown, "have a life of their own. And move, 'by their own accord"'.They are also, only photographed in the near infrared. And not the processed near infrared, that professional photographers may know of.
It's not for people, who will quickly dismiss them for dust particles. And, with the advent of high definition digital photography, "can an image be reduced to a speck of dust, & only by zooming back out"! This way, the dust/pollen, aren't on the lens, but deep into the back of the picture. 
And I'm Not, looking for lens flares, nor dust, pollen, cottonwood seeds, or even swamp gas! But to show potentials, of the dynamics of, what's known as, the dimensional shift. 
Or, what's also known as, "The Shift of the Ages". And, a much Brighter Moon, will testify to this. 
Did you know, that 'the wolf moon, only happens, in january'? It's true..... 
It's even chronicled in ancient paintings, that ''there's life, high up in the skies & in another dimension, next to ours''. While even many space agencies have cameras that can see into & past the ultra-violet spectrum, "And have seen many 1000's of 2-3 mile wide space ships, that live in a dimension next to ours"! 
All the while, "the astronaut couldn't see, what the camera saw"! This is about the video, The 1996 NASA Tether Incident. (Can be found @ bottom of this page, "the little cloud"image.)
And IF, you're still having trouble, with a ''dimension next to ours'', then check out the "Exploratorium, in San Francisco". 1st few about what's known as Cloud Chambers. The "sub-atomic charged particles & cosmic rays, pass right through everything that's physical/3-D"!
After this, I may have nothing more to offer in this area, except the next few links.. 
And, thanks to "All of You", for coming to get your pictures taken!                                            

Thanks for visiting! And Please, "Enjoy The List, above..." 
         (Watch for the 9th selection. Look for * * * ( changing of old guard!.)

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